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Benefits of Marine Transport

Marine transport has been common in the past years. People living near water bodies such as oceans, seas and rivers have made sea transport to be common and used by many. Cargo can also be transported well using marine transport. People also love travelling using ships and boats as they have a good time on the water. Marine transport is beneficial in various ways to people and the economy of a nation as well. Water transport is just like any other form of transportation as it still involves moving people and goods from one place to another. The points below are among the key advantages of using marine transport.

The first advantage of marine transport is that it is safe. The chances of accidents and being raided on in water are very minimal. Unless there is a very large sea storm or pirates attacking the ship, sea transport is safe than other forms of transport. Valuable items such as oil, firearms and vehicles are transported by water through big ships carrying cargo. The chances of drowning and being attacked by pirates are usually very minimal because of the presence of a marine army that helps guard borders on ocean sand seas.

Secondly, marine transport is beneficial as it leads to trade among nations and cities. International trade has been made possible through marine transportation. This in turn leads to increased income and business opportunities in our country. Unemployment rates are decreased as people et employed hence able to keep up with their lives and meet their basic needs. Goods from foreign nations enter our country through big ships carrying cargo. This trade also boosts the foreign exchange rates of our nation. We can also ship products produced in our country to other nations hence boost in business.

The third advantage of using maritime transport is the ease of bulky transportation. Goods that are bulky and large in volumes can easily be placed in containers and loaded on ships for transportation. As compared to other forms of transportation, sea transport allows for many goods to be carried one at a time. Goods that could not fit on aeroplanes and lorries are easily loaded on sips and ferried into the country or into other nations. This allows for ferrying a large number of goods one at a time hence saving on time and even fuel.

The other merit of marine transportation is it is environmentally friendly. Nothing is spilt on seas or air when transporting goods or people via ships and boats. The ships and boats just travel slowly and without interfering with marine life. Animals living in water and plants are just left the way they are as the ships and goats pass by. Modern ships use petrol energy that is well refined hence emitting less smoke to the environment. Dhows and boats only need rowling hence no motor is used. This prevents air pollution and even contaminated water. To conclude, some of the key points to note when looking for advantages of marine transport are explained in the passage above.

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