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How to Determine the Prices of a Window Cleaning Service

Before you start your window cleaning business, you’ll need to determine the pricing of your services. This will depend on your state and county laws, but you’ll also need to buy business insurance to cover yourself, your employees and any damaged property. Below are some tips for determining the prices of your service. Make sure to include your overhead costs. Consider varying your prices depending on your current market conditions and how much the services you’re offering are worth.

One of the things you’ll want to think about is the size of the windows in your house. Some services only clean standard windows, while others charge by the number of panes. While single-pane windows are easy to clean, large glass doors can cost upward of $30 per window. These types of windows should be cleaned at least once every couple of years, and you should definitely avoid cleaning them yourself unless you have a very small window area.

In addition to the prices, consider the materials that the window cleaning service uses. Professionals typically use heavy-duty industrial detergents, but you can also use a mixture of water and dish sap to make your own glass cleaner. Some companies even have scrapers on hand to remove paint from windows. The materials that are used may differ from those of other companies, but the quality of a window cleaner will be the most important factor. If you’re looking for a high-quality window cleaning service, make sure to choose one with the best equipment.

A window cleaning service should charge per pane. Usually, prices range from $2 to $7 per pane. However, many cleaners will charge by the pane, which will give them more incentive to work quickly. For example, if you’re cleaning a single-story building, you’ll likely charge a flat fee of $7 per pane. You can also charge per window pane for commercial jobs. For larger jobs, you can expect to pay $150 or more.

In addition to offering competitive prices, window cleaning companies will also provide a free on-site estimate. A window cleaning service should be able to clean windows on all types of buildings, from small homes to high-rise buildings. With the right tools, a window cleaning service should be able to clean your windows safely without causing any damage to your property. If you want your windows sparkling clean, choose a window cleaning service with a guaranteed 48-hour reclean guarantee.

When choosing a window cleaning service, make sure you ask for quotes from at least three different companies. Ask them pertinent questions, including what equipment is required, and if they have insurance. If you’re concerned about safety, make sure the window cleaning company has workers’ compensation insurance and is fully insured. You can even discuss additional costs with the window cleaning company before making a final decision. After all, you want a cleaner that can give you a great cleaning job at a reasonable price.

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